TRIGGER LURES - Life Like Action LED Technology Suspending Buoyancy

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What makes the Trigger unique is the water activated LED technology inside the lure. In dirty water, low light conditions and after dark the LED comes into its own making it one of the most effective Barra/estuary lures on the market. Fitted out with strong super sharp BKK 3X trebles they are ready to fish straight from the packet.

The Trigger has a slow buoyancy meaning you can crank the lure down next to structure allowing the lure to sit on the spot for a couple of seconds before it begins to slowly rise. Whilst the lure is sitting there flashing angry species like Mangrove Jacks and Barra will quite often demolish the lure on that pause.

At 75mm this lure can be used on a wide variety of species from Bass, Golden Perch to Trout but is most popular in estuary scenarios for Barramundi and Mangrove Jack. The 6 foot diver is at home bashing through timber and over rocks day in day out, treat it mean to keep it keen.

Every lure in the Balista range features our LED technology, this is a water activated flashing red LED. This technology is scientifically proven to increase strike rates its particularly effective in dirty water, dawn/dusk, overcast conditions and after dark.



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