Species Product Guide

Species Product Guide


Bream are notoriously finicky fish to catch, if you can crack the code on the day it can be the difference to catching a big bag and catching zip. Tournament anglers trialing the Trance on Bream have been extremely impressed with how well the LED light has worked. Both anglers tested the Trance with their mate using their favourite lures, with both mates been comprehensively out fished with LED technology compared to the hardbodies without this technology. The LED light is most effective in dirty water, low light conditions such as overcast days and dawn/dusk, plus also after dark.

Lures to use: Trance

Golden Perch

There are a number of Balista lures that are ideal for targeting big Golden Perch. Lipless crankbaits such as the Juggernaut 65 are a great way to target Golden Perch in impoundments like Copeton, Lake Eildon, Windamere etc, cast the Juggernaut 65 and allow it to sink into the strike zone this lure is balanced perfectly for Golden's and with the addition of the LED it is a very unique lure for this scenario. If you prefer to troll the Smoke 65 and Trigger are spot on, the Smoke 65 is a 4 metre diver great for trolling rocky banks, the Trigger is a more shallow 2 metre diver excellent for grassy banks. The other lure that works well for Golden's is the Trance, especially in impoundments such as Lake Eildon and Lake Hume where there is Trout in the lake as well the Trance keeps you in the game for both big Golden's and big Trout.

Lures to use: Juggernaut 65, Smoke 65, Trigger, Trance


There are two Balista models that work well on Trout, the 50mm Trance is an absolute must have for trout fisherman, its a great size for catching numbers of Trout either in rivers or lakes. The Trigger is 75mm and is best suited for lake trolling for big Trout. Either way the LED is highly effective on Trout and more than handy having something completely different for those tough bites.

Lures to use: Trigger, Trance

Mangrove Jack

The LED works particularly well on angry fish like Mangrove Jack, the flashing light drives them nuts. Targeting Jacks in Southern Queensland you'll find yourself fishing deeper than what you would in North Queensland for Jacks. In deeper water the Smoke 65 is an absolute belter, its 65mm in length and crash dives to 4 metres working through structure brilliantly is essential to getting the lure into more Jack haunts without getting snagged. In more shallow waters the 75mm Trigger is best suited, it dives to 2 metres on shallower snags it is ideal. The S-pop is an 80mm surface popper, its a great size for Jacks and comes fitted with 3X BKK trebles to hook and hold more fish.

Lures to use: Smoke 65, Trigger, S-pop, Juggernaut 65, Trance


Our LED technology works particularly well on Flathead because they are always on the hunt for prey, if you can increase the visibility of your lure by 300% it makes your lure that much easier to locate for Flathead to strike. Depending on which depth you're fishing there are 3 Balista models that are brilliantly for Flatty's - the 50mm/2 metre diving Trance, 75mm/2 metre diver Trigger and 65mm/4 metre diving Smoke 65.

Lures to use: Smoke 65, Trigger, Juggernaut 65, Trance


A popular table fish as well as a brilliant sportsfish. Both sizes in the Juggernaut's are great for targeting big Snapper especially as the deeper the lure gets the brighter and more effective the LED is. The Juggernaut 65 can be used effectively on Snapper in up to 8 metres of water, the Juggernaut 90 can be used in 12+ metres of water.

Lures to use: Juggernaut 90, Juggernaut 65

Red Fin

The colour red is a big attractant for Red Fin, so its no surprise our flashing red LED is dynamite on big reddies. If you're casting creeks and channels the 50mm Trance is spot on for the job, especially in dirty water. If you're trolling or casting deeper areas the Smoke 65 is dynamite, the Smoke 65 is one of deepest diving lures in its 65mm class, this lure has account for some monster Red Fin. The Juggernaut 65 lipless crankbait is another good lure for casting and allowing to sink into the strike zone.

Lures to use: Trance, Smoke 65, Juggernaut 65

Threadfin Salmon

Growing in excess of 1.2 metres threadies can successfully targeted with diving lures, deep water jigging and more. Known for having poor eye sight, the LED has been proven to significantly boost catch rates on Threadfin Salmon by legendary Hinchinbrook charter Ryan Moody. The Juggernaut 90 is his number 1 jigging lure for big Threadies, in his words the Juggernaut 90 significantly out-fishes plastics, he puts it down to the LED increasing visibility of the lure and triggering them to strike.

Lures to use: Juggernaut 90, Firestorm 120 Shallow, Smoke 80

Murray Cod

Balista is located in Shepparton in Northern Victoria the heart of Murray Cod fishing, so its no surprise that we have a comprehensive range of Murray Cod lures. The new Smoke 80 is a belter on Murray Cod, its an 80mm/5 metre deep diver the unique rolling action of this lure is what sets it apart from any other hardbody on the market. The Dyno 90 is a completely different type of deep diver, it is 90mm and dives to 7 metres with a more traditional slow and wide action. The Hunchback 90 is our surface crawler for targeting big surface feeding Murray Cod, its 90mm in length the tail on the lure is designed to sit really low giving exceptional hook up rates. The Juggernaut lipless crankbait in both sizes are great for Cod, just cast them at the desired structure allowing them to sink into the zone, and hold on!

Lures to use: Hunchback 90, Smoke 80, Dyno 90, Juggernaut 65, Juggernaut 90, Cyclone

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Barramundi are one of the most exciting sportsfish in Australia known for their incredible jumping acrobatics and sheer power. The Firestorm 120 Shallow is a 120mm/4 foot diver designed specifically for Barra, whether you're trolling the Daly river up in the NT or casting Peter Faust dam in Queensland this lure is on point for big Barramundi. The Trigger is just as effective for targeting Barra however it is best suited for estuary/freshwater scenarios where the Barra are looking for a smaller presentation, the Trigger is 75mm in length and comes fitted with 3X ultra sharp trebles to fish straight from the packet. The S-pop is an 80mm surface popper, these are deadly on surface feeding Barra, they come fitted with ultra sharp BKK 3X trebles to hook and hold more Barra. The Smoke 80 is a deep diving Barra, its 80mm in length and dives to 5 metres, the unique rolling action is what makes it so good on Barra. The Smoke 65 also features the same rolling action as its bigger brother it is 65mm in length and dives to 4 metres. The Juggernaut's are hardbodied lipless crankbaits, you can use them just like you would a soft vibe the main difference is these feature our LED technology which makes all of the difference in dirty water, low light conditions and after dark.

Lures to use: Firestorm 120 Shallow, Trigger, S-Pop, Smoke 80, Smoke 65, Cyclone, Juggernaut 90, Juggernaut 65

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Australian Bass

We are big fans of Australian Bass, pound for pound they are right up there as the toughest freshwater fish in Australia and beyond. There are a number of different Balista models that you can use for Bass. The 50mm Trance is the first lure of choice for bass it dives to 6 foot with an intense action, the first Bass ever caught on the Trance went 52cm to the fork. The Hunchback 60 is a surface crawler designed specifically for Bass, at 60mm its an ideal size. The Smoke 65 is a 4 metre crash diver and 65mm in length, its a great option for trolling up quality Bass. The Juggernaut 65 is a lipless crankbait cast the lure and allow it to sink into the strike zone.

Lures to use: Trance, Hunchback 60, Smoke 65, Juggernaut 65

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The 50mm Trance has the profile and action to entice a number of species including Bass, Bream, Trout and many more. The LED technology makes this micro profile a seriously unique tournament lure.

Hunchback 60

The Hunchback 60 surface crawler has been designed to do one thing, that is to catch bass off the surface. Featuring an awesome crawling action and a body designed to hook up more fish. Featuring our LED technology this is one surface lure that you want to have in your tackle box.

Dyno 90

If you're looking for a big Murray Cod lure than look no further, the Dyno 90 dives to 8 metres and importantly is decked out to handle large Cod with through wire and upgraded hooks and split rings. Sporting our LED technology and a loud internal rattle you will not find a Cod lure with more strike features.

Hunchback 90

From first look you can tell the Hunchback is designed as a Murray Cod surface lure. The 90mm surface crawler has a killer action, displaces plenty of water and most importantly has superb hook up rates. The tail of the lure sits lower in the water than any other one piece lure, and lower than a lot of two pieces cod surface lures. Featuring our LED technology, 7 ball bearings and precise colour selection you will not find a more effective Murray Cod surface crawler.

Firestorm 120 Shallow

The best barra lure all-rounder that we have in the range, the 3 foot diver is ideal in a wide variety of scenarios from casting flats to impoundment trolling. With the LED technology in the tail you will not find better lures for barramundi fishing, especially in dirty water.


The S-Pop surface popper creates surface havoc pushing a tonne of water whilst splurging water out its holographic gills. Featuring our LED technology this 80mm surface popper packs some serious punch.


A killer barra lure when the fish are looking for a smaller profile, the 75mm suspending minnow is ideal for cranking down next to structure allowing the LED to flash in the fishes face, so many times the barra slam the LED whilst its suspending there flashing.

Smoke 80

The very first lure we ever made, the 5 metre diver is one of our best Murray Cod lures, whether you're casting or trolling the Dyno 75 has you covered. The neutral buoyancy is a rare quality in a Cod lure and particularly deadly when used on the cast.

Smoke 65

The smallest Dyno in the range has a killer action, the 60mm diver is known for working through structure brilliantly and generating strikes when nothing else is working.

Juggernaut 65

The slow sink rate of the Juggernaut 65 works perfectly for those tough bites, you don't want the lure sinking out of the strike zone too quickly. Featuring our trademark LED technology the 65mm lipless crankbait is deadly for drawing a strike when nothing else is working.

Juggernaut 90

If you're casting drop offs, timber or rock banks for Murray Cod or Barramundi the 90mm Juggernaut is ideal, the 28 gram lipless crankbait gets down deep and fast. Your other option with the Juggernaut is deep water jigging, this has become hugely popular for Threadfin Salmon and Snapper. Hinchinbrook charter Ryan Moody - we catch 80-90% of our Threadfin Salmon deep water jigging with the Juggernaut 90, given threadies are known for having poor eye sight it makes sense that they are swimming around our plastics to hit the LED.


Versatile is the easiest way to describe the Cyclone, the buoyancy allows the lure to be worked through heavy timber making this lure a great choice for targeting large Murray Cod in more shallow conditions. A beauty for Barramundi fishing as well, this slim medium profile and action is best suited when more depth is required than the usual 1 metre barra lures. 110mm in length and dives to 3 metres.