Balista ICAST 2014

This years ICAST convention was held in Orlando Florida, and boy what an incredible show it is. It was our first year in attendance, the positive response we had for our LED technology was very similar to that when we launched in Australia in 2010. We had a brand new product release at the show in the S-Pop surface popper, the buzz behind the S-Pop has been phenomenal, especially in the USA as its proving to be a killer Bass lure. We're confident the local Barra & Bass here in Australia will be just as turned on by the S-Pop!

Hunchback Murray Cod Surface Lure Release



The Hunchback surface crawler has been a much anticipated release combining the excitement of surface fishing with our LED technology

Minnow Madness for Murray Cod

The Balista Trigger doesn't look like a traditional Cod lure but boy does it catch fish. The 70mm chubby minnow profile is fantastic for fishing in small-medium rivers and impoundments. We've been fishing the Triggers

Trigger Reaction - Trout fishing with Balista lures

Whist we’re all accustomed to using smaller large brown trout balista lurespresentations for Trout such as winged lures and tiny minnows in many scenarios it makes a lot of sense to use a larger presentation. You might be wondering if I am referring to the old saying upgrade the size of the presentation and you’ll upgrade the size of the fish, but sacrifice the numbers of fish caught

Balista Lures Head to Norway

UK writer Les McBride has taken Balista to Norway to test run our LED lures deep chasing Coalfish. Read the full article to find out the results -

Lure fishing for Trout - Is bigger better?

our latest short video clip as we explain the effects of using a larger lure targeting Trout in conjunction with Balista's LED technology. 

Lighting up the NT Barra

Earlier in the year some old friends of mine mentioned they were going up to Darwin to fish the run off around Kakadu and, after the biggest wet season on record I thought I cannot pass this opportunity up.

Balista QFM Feature

nt1Lure fishing is all about providing the best deception possible. Whether it is through movement, design, or pattern, finding that extra something from a lure can often be the difference

Freshwater Fishing Magazine - A Flash of Blood


flashblood 1The art of deception in fishing is a delicate balance of skill and the use of quality imitations. Deceiving a fish with an artificial presentation is not an easy thing, the better the imitation

Marine biologist Jamie Seymour puts Balista lures to the test

James Cook University marine biologist Jamie Seymour took on the project of putting our LED technology to the test against the biggest and the best fishing lure brands in the market.

The target species for the experiments were Barramundi, with the results of the flashing red LED in the tail of Balista lures generating extraordinary results.

Follow the link above to watch Jamie discussing in more detail how and why Balista LED lures can attract fish.