What do Barramundi and Murray Cod have in common?

barra1Barramundi and Murray Cod are legendary Australian Sportsfish, they both grow well over a metre, and both are implosion feeders. Rather than opening their mouths and biting into something like we would do with a big chocolate donut they open their mouths so quickly that they suck down that donut with a single slurp quicker than you can say ‘on’.

A lucky white Mangrove Jack lure

jack1Three times a year I come up North for a sales run, every time I make it up I look to squeeze in at least two days fishing. It was the last weekend before the close of Barra season and an Ingham local offered to take me out on the Hinchinbrook channel. I had been warned to not get my hopes up too high with the gigantic tides as the fishing had been tough in recent days because of it. We started the day on the run out tide finding nooks and cranny’s in the mangroves standing tall in the boat looking to spot Barramundi. One particular bank we fished Ryan mentioned that you usually would see at least a dozen Barra amongst the mangroves, we couldn’t spot even one. The only sign of life was black bream coming up slurping at the surface poppers.

Fishing Expedition for Large Murray Cod

cod1I hear fishing tales all of the time, there is big fish in nearly a lot of inland waterways whether you’re fishing Blowering, the Murray river or anywhere in between. At the end of the day if you get enough people on the water fishing, a big fish is bound to pop up. When I start hearing success stories from everyone that's frequenting the same area I start to get intrigued, I love exploring new waterways and thought I’m going to give it a go. It was the last weekend of Cod season and after a few busy weeks I was dying to get away for the weekend, I had done an expo for 3 days the week before I needed a break from talking and decided I was going to throw the swag in the boat and go for a fish solo for the weekend. I drove up to the Murray River and start exploring some of the subsidiaries off the river to see what I could find.

Lure casting for mega Murray Cod

Fishing for large Murray Cod is a littlelarge murray cod balista like waiting for  your footy team to win a premiership, you keep turning up and hoping, but for some it can be a hell of a long time between drinks. Large Murray Cod can be buggers of fish, they are bloody challenging to catch for so many different reasons

Catching Murray Cod on Minnow Lures

If you’re heading to a local tackle store before atrigger cod fishing Cod trip chances are you’ll be looking at an assortment of divers, lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits and surface lures. All of these lures are well justified to have all avenues covered, however there is a key lure style that is missing from that list, after speaking to a few blokes about this it seems to missing from quite a few of our Cod arsenals

The best hook setup for Cyclone Murray Cod

Its hard to find a Cod lure that has a bit of size about it that doesn’t dive super deep, a lot of Cod lures are 8+ metre divers and are far too deep diving in smaller rivers where the average depth is around 2-3 metres. The Cyclone allows you to fish a bigger lure in these smaller river scenarios

Freshwater Barra Fishing

A recent sales trip up to North Queensland barramundi fishingincluded a day on the water testing out a number of our different Balista models on Barra. Our initial research into the LED technology was carried out on Barramundi, the results were fantastic, however using the right lure for the scenario is still vital for getting the best out of the technology. The lures we were focussing on testing in this trip were the Firestorm 120 Shallow, the Trigger, Juggernaut 90 and S-pop. These 4 lures were the most suited to the river and billabong fishing that we were going to be doing.

Cod Opening Surface Action

Its that time of year again, Cod openingsurface12. For mine there is nothing that comes close to the excitement of the surface explosion from a Murray Cod. I started the season fishing the King river in regional Victoria, boy oh boy my response to the first couple of strikes were atrocious, the hits scared the hell out of me ending up in me pulling the lure out of the fishes mouth. After I got those first nervous strikes out of the road I was back on the horse and allowing the Cod to engulf the lure before striking and started to get a few hook ups.

Deepwater Jigging Threadfin Salmon

Deep water jigging threadfin salmon
Let me tell you that those Juggernaut 90 vibes are totally awesome on threadfin salmon. Jigging in deep water today they caught 5 out of the 6 big threddys. The other guys on board were using some of the bigger name soft vibes and hardly got a touch. I think the LED in deep water helped as threddys don't have the best eyesight. They work best when the run backs off as they are a little light when the run starts to pick up, but hey great results today. 
Ryan Moody - Hooked on Hinchinbrook Charters

ryan-threadfin  threadfin

Impoundment Golden's with the Juggernaut 65

I have had the pleasure in using these Balista 65mm Juggernaut's over the last 2 week's with my first piece of water being Lake Eildon. This lure is like no other lipless crankbait I've used by obviously having the potential to get more strike's with it's red LED