Catching trout in the Goulburn river

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James Dainton

Catching trout in the Goulburn river

It is Spring and there has been plenty of water around meaning the rivers are dirty, which so happens to be an ideal circumstance for the LED technology that is contained inside every Balista lure.

spider troutFor trout opening this year my good mate Spider and I planned a mission in the upper reaches of the Goulburn river. Our plan of attack was to walk banks and cast hardbody lures at structure. There are two different Balista models that work a treat on Trout – the smaller of the two is the Trance which is 50mm in length and the Trigger is 80mm which is the larger size. There are pros and cons of each model, the smaller Trance can quite often get a bite when the Trigger can’t. The Trigger is advantageous for big searching casts with its extra weight, and it comes standard with BKK 3x hooks which gives you complete peace of mind when you hook a big Trout that you’re going to land it.

spider big troutThe type of structure that we were targeting was submerged trees, overhanging branches and large rocks which are often at the start of a pool. We encountered lots of Trout for the day including a few crackers none bigger than Spider’s 75cm beast Rainbow Trout, this was a cracking fight not to be forgotten.

We had an even split of fish on the Trance and Trigger, on this particular day both were productive. We used the common Trout colours such as the Brown Trout and Rainbow trout but also found other natural colours to be effective such the Ghost Minnow, Golden Guts and Silver Bullet.

As Spring Heats up

As Spring heats up through October and November my focus will start to shift from Trout to Golden Perch.

Ally trigger trollingWhen chasing impoundment Golden’s there are numerous Balista models that are effective. One of the most common applications for targeting impoundment Golden’s is using lipless crankbaits such as the Balista Juggernaut 65. This can be fished ultra slow which is essential, it also balances upright on the bottom great for when you’re slowly working the bottom.

For those that like to cast up Golden’s in the shallows arguably there is no better lure for the job than the Trigger. The Trigger is the perfect size for Golden’s and most effectively used in 12 foot or less.

Ally trigger trollingFor those that troll up Golden Perch our new Smoke 65 with a now loose towpoint is a must have lure for Spring time. The action of the Smoke 65 is intensely unique, do yourself a favour and get yourself a Smoke 65 with a loose towpoint to see for yourself. The Smoke 65 is most effectively used in 12 – 20 feet.

If you’ve found success with the Tremor like many have then this Spring I encourage you to give the Spring Balista models a go they are just as effective!

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