Murray Cod


Our Best Murray Cod Lures

The Tremor is the latest lure in the Balista stable it is designed specifically for large Murray Cod. The entire Balista range features our patented LED technology, we’ve extended the technology even further with the Tremor which also features an in built vibrator and is rechargeable. The Tremor is 200mm in length and comes with 3 different bibs, an 8 foot diving bib, a surface wakebait bib and a surface crawling bib.

Murray Cod grow to monstrous sizes and are one of the most elusive freshwater species. That is where the LED light that is contained in every Balista lure comes in handy. This technology is scientifically proven to increase strikes in species like Murray Cod, which can be the difference between catching a big Murray Cod and catching nothing at all. In first researching the technology we found fish would strike the red LED whilst the lure was sitting stationary, this didn’t happen once with the same lure without an LED, or with a different coloured LED. To find out exactly how the LED light technology works click here.

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Why LED technology works

Since refining the technology we’ve spent thousands of hours in the field creating lures specifically to catch Murray Cod. Dirty water, dawn/dusk, overcast conditions and after dark is when you’ll notice the biggest spike in bites on the LED. To get the most out of the technology it is essential to match the hatch with a style of lure to mimic what the fish are feeding on that day. You can target these giant fish in a variety of different ways from casting lures at structure, to trolling as well as off the surface.

One of the most important pieces of information to note with our LED technology is that it works brilliantly during daylight hours, at night the results can vary depending on a number of different factors such as the species of fish as well as the mood of the fish on the day. Night time fishing with the LED can be either excellent or the LED can become too bright and overwhelming for the fish, which is why we’ve developed an After Dark colour which has a significantly reduced LED for night time use. The significantly reduced LED in the After Dark works incredibly well, it is the perfect brightness for night time to ensure the best possible results are achieved from the lure.

I can’t think of many more exciting formats of fishing than surface fishing for Murray Cod, they are an implosion feeder opening their bucket mouths so quickly that it inhales their pray and anything else within the vicinity. If you’re surface fishing the Hunchback 90 is designed to do exactly that, its a 90mm surface crawler its big enough to handle metre Murray Cod but not so big that it prevents you from catching Murray Cod of all sizes. The Hunchback 60 is a smaller sized surface crawler, this lure can be used for Murray Cod its best suited to smaller systems like creeks and smaller rivers.

If you’re casting or trolling there is 3 models in the range that can be used. The Smoke series is a brand new range of deep divers we’ve just launched. We’ve modeled the swimming action and body shape off 3 different types of bait fish so they are super realistic, a unique style of Cod lure. The Smoke’s come in 2 sizes – Smoke 65 is a 65mm 3.5 metre diver and the Smoke 80 is an 80mm 5 metre diver. With the length of the bib and towpoint position they work through and float over structure with ease keeping in the zone. The Dyno 90 is our original Murray Cod style, its a 90mm size its got more of your traditional shape and action. The Dyno has accounted for loads of metre Cod and is a handy lure to have in the tackle box.

he Juggernaut’s series are sinking lipless crankbaits, these are best suited for casting. You can slow roll these down rock banks in impoundments like Copeton or Lake Eildon, or you can cast to structure and entice strikes whilst the lure is on the drop. They come in 2 sizes, the Juggernaut 65 sinks at 3 seconds/per metre its best suited for small to medium sized rivers, in impoundments it is used more commonly to target Golden Perch though if you run it past a Cod it will have no problem belting it. The Juggernaut 90 is a better size for Murray Cod at 90mm that sinks at 2 seconds/per metre. I prefer the 90 for Cod as it sinks that little bit quicker and will also hold its depth when retrieving, if you’ve allowed it to sink to 4 metres if you slow roll it back to the boat it will stay at that depth in the zone until you get it back close to the boat.

There are 2 lures in the range that don’t look like your run of the mill Cod lures but worth work really well in certain scenarios. The Cyclone is 110mm and dives to 3 metres, they are great for targeting big fish in more shallow rivers. There are many rivers where the depth is mostly 1.5-3 metres, that’s where the Cyclone is ideal, rivers like the Namoi, Gwydir, Condamine, Ovens, Murrumbidgee, Darling rivers and many more. The Trigger is a great lure for catching numbers of fish, its an 80mm size diving to 2 metres. You can use these is in smaller rivers when a majority of the fish are under 80cm, you’ll catch plenty of fish if you’re looking to target bigger fish in that same sort of water the bigger profile of the Cyclone will be your best bet.