The Dyno 60 has a cracking wide swimming motion plus all the attributes you would expect from a Golden Perch lure. As well as swimming like a champion the mini Dyno works through structure brilliantly, has an internal rattle and dives down to 12 feet.

Featuring our patented LED lure technology – this is a water activated flashing red LED in the tail of the lure. This technology is scientifically proven to increase strike rates.

Importantly the Dyno 60 is fitted out with all the good gear including the new Mustad ultrapoint hooks and quality split rings to ensure you'll get that trophy fish into the boat for a quick photo.

Ideal for a variety of species including Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Red Fin, Bass, Trout and many more.

Dyno 60 on the water


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Dyno 60 on the water
dyno 60 specs

Dyno 60 - Golden Perch Lures