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JUGGERNAUT 90 LURES - Retrieve Dead Slow Patented LED Technology Utlrapoint Trebles

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If you're casting rock banks, timber or drop offs for Murray Cod or Barramundi the Juggernaut 90 is perfectly suited for the job, the 1 ounce crankbait gets down deep fast. Your other option is jigging, this lure has become hugely popular for Threadfin Salmon and Snapper.

Hooked on Hinchinbrook charter Ryan Moody – we were a little unsure of the LED light at first, now we catch over 80% of our Thready's jigging with the Juggernaut 90. Given Threadfin Salmon are known for having poor eye sight it makes sense that they are actually swimming around the plastics to hit the LED light.

Our LED technology is scientifically proven to increase strike rates, to activate the LED just cast the lure into the water which turns the LED on, and when you retrieve the lure from the water the LED turns off automatically.

The Juggernaut 90 is fitted out with all the good gear including ultra sharp BKK hooks and quality split rings to ensure you'll get that trophy fish into the boat for a quick photo.


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