Hunchback 60

HUNCHBACK 60 LURES - Huge Surface Action Patented LED Technology Clip Off Bib Utlrapoint Trebles

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The Hunchback 60 features our new micro LED technology. The Hunchback 60 has an epic crawling action designed specifically for Australian Bass, it also works well on Murray Cod in smaller river systems. Anglers that have used the Hunchback 60 on Bass absolutely love it, becoming a favourite surface lure for many.

One of the most important pieces of information to note with our LED technology is that it works brilliantly during daylight hours, at night the results can vary depending on a number of different factors such as the species of fish as well as the mood of the fish on the day. Night time fishing with the LED can be either excellent or the LED can become too bright and overwhelming for the fish, which is why we've developed an After Dark colour which has a significantly reduced LED for night time use. The significantly reduced LED in the After Dark works incredibly well, it is the perfect brightness for night time to ensure the best possible results are achieved from the lure. You can really notice the LED working for you if you get a bite that doesn't hook up leave the lure stationary for up to 60 seconds and the Bass will come back and eat it whilst the lure sits there flashing.

Also the bib can clip off, making for handy storage. Featuring ultra sharp BKK hooks so that you can hook and hold quality fish.


River fishing for Bass

he attributes I love most about bass is their aggressive nature and brutal pulling power, especially for their size. On a recent trip to Port Macquarie I was fishing with a good mate James Newton, the plan was to walk the banks and fish this pristine river that James had access to. Read More


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Hunchback 60 Lures