Break Braid Tool

BREAK BRAID TOOL - The Easy Way To Break Braided Line

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Do you fish using braided line? Do you find trying to break braid difficult when you’ve got a snag? Every fisherman snags up, snagging up is part of fishing, breaking the braid when you have a snag is the difficult part. Breaking the braid puts unnecessary pressure on your reel but it is also difficult on you, and all in all it can be plain frustrating. Anyone who has fished today’s superlines knows the dangers of handling braid when tight to fish or structure, and especially with wet hands.

The Break Braid® tool is designed as a safe and easy way to save your braided line when snagged. This tool makes breaking braid a breeze and allows you to get back into the fishing sooner. Simply wrap the tool around the line several times, and with one sharp pull the braid is broken and you’re free to rig up again and start fishing. So many times when you go to break the braid with our special tool you’ll pull the lure off the snag, or just plain snap the snag off and bring it in with your lure. The Break Braid tool is mighty cheap and an absolute must have item for all anglers that use braided line.

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