The best hook setup for Cyclone Murray Cod

Its hard to find a Cod lure that has a bit of size about it that doesn’t dive super deep, a lot of Cod lures are 8+ metre divers and are far too deep diving in smaller rivers where the average depth is around 2-3 metres. The Cyclone allows you to fish a bigger lure in these smaller river scenarios

where there are big Murray Cod around, you just need the right lure to target them with.

Straight out of the packet the Cyclone is fitted with single hooks, this is great in a number of Saltwater scenarios however for Murray Cod it is not the ideal setup. Single hooks are great when fish have smaller mouths. For fish with larger mouths the lure can go into the fishes mouth and back out again without a hook lodging in, the large bucket mouth that Murray Cod possess mean that the chances of pinning a single into that gob is significantly reduced. It’s not as simple as just putting trebles onto the lure to improve hook up rates, as with all long barra type lures they are quite snaggy as the front treble has less protection from the bib that a lot of Cod lures have.

The best hook setup is to run a treble on the back, and a double on the front. What you can do is put a treble on the front, and then cut the barb that is facing forward towards the bib off the treble to create your own double hook.

This hook setup works terrifically well, you can work the lure through heavy timber, the Cyclone has great buoyancy allowing you to float back off timber. By running the double on the front you significantly reduce the amount of snags you’ll get, but you’ll barely notice a change in the hook up rates. As with any form of fishing it’s all about the little details, good luck chasing Murray Cod with the Cyclone.


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