Impoundment Golden's with the Juggernaut 65

I have had the pleasure in using these Balista 65mm Juggernaut's over the last 2 week's with my first piece of water being Lake Eildon. This lure is like no other lipless crankbait I've used by obviously having the potential to get more strike's with it's red LED technology, also something different i wasnt familiar with was its super slow 3 second per metre sink rate which has caught me numerous yellowbelly over the last 2 week's by casting sounded fish, casting rockwall's, sinking it down structure like drop off's, submerged laydown or tree's. Another highlight about this lure is being able to keep the lure in the zone for a longer period of time whilst casting as most other heavier cranks will pull back toward the boat, I strongly believe if the fishings tough the longer the lure sit's in the fish's face the better and has worked for us. I have noticed over the last 2 week's using these lures I'm catching more fish and majority of my old lipless crankbait tray's will emptied to fit in my next order of this lure. Also looking forward to fishing Lake Mulwala as the sink rate of this lure could and I reckon will be dynamite on the Murray Cod. 

Regards, Ben Anderson