Cod Opening Surface Action

Its that time of year again, Cod openingsurface12. For mine there is nothing that comes close to the excitement of the surface explosion from a Murray Cod. I started the season fishing the King river in regional Victoria, boy oh boy my response to the first couple of strikes were atrocious, the hits scared the hell out of me ending up in me pulling the lure out of the fishes mouth. After I got those first nervous strikes out of the road I was back on the horse and allowing the Cod to engulf the lure before striking and started to get a few hook ups.


The lure of choice for surface fishing Murray Cod is the Hunchback, after all it is designed specifically for targeting these powerful fish. Upgraded split rings and hooks are a must for chasing bigger fish, a huge action and most importantly superb hook up rates. You can get all the surface strikes in the world but if you don't hook them up, or you hook a small percentage of them up its a really inefficient way of fishing. There are only a handfull of surface lures on the market that have genuinely good hook up rates, I encourage you to evaluate a lure purely on its functionality rather than just on looks that many of the imports boast.
Try out the different surface lures on the market, the lures that you keep coming back to attract the most attention, hook up the fish and land the fish in one piece. 


  surface10 surface11