Minnow Madness for Murray Cod

The Balista Trigger doesn't look like a traditional Cod lure but boy does it catch fish. The 70mm chubby minnow profile is fantastic for fishing in small-medium rivers and impoundments. We've been fishing the Triggers

around Australia in rivers like the Murrumbidgee, Goulburn, Ovens, Edwards, Yarra, Macquarie, Namoi and many more with great success on Murray Cod and Golden Perch. The diving depth is 2.2 metres which is ideal for the above mentioned rivers, you can cast to structure and either slow roll it to strike, if the fish are slow I like to rip the lure down next to the structure and let the lure sit there for 3-4 seconds as what that does is allows the lure to sit right there in strike zone with the tail flashing right in the fishes face, its amazing how many times the next turn of the handle results in a wallop. The buoyancy is a slow rise, when you pause the lure mid retrieve the lure will sit neutral for 2 seconds and then will begin to rise, making the lure fantastic for casting.


 In impoundment scenarios the Trigger can be used to great effect targeting Golden Perch, particularly during Spring when Golden's are feeding up in the shallows in 2.5-3.5 metres of water. 

The Trigger features our LED technology which consists of a flashing red LED in the tail of the lure, cast the lure into the water to activate the LED. You'll notice a spike in bites in overcast conditions, murky water as well as dawn & dusk. This is when the vibrancy of the LED is increased and is at its most effective. During the day you'll still get a 10% advantage even when the LED is less bright.Next time you're heading out chasing natives give the Balista Trigger a try for yourself, an absolute beauty for catching large numbers of fish.