After Dark - a new LED specifically for night fishing

after dark firestormAfter dark is a new concept we've been refining for quite some time now, its a significantly reduced LED light specifically for night time fishing. We've found at night time our standard LED can be too bright, when activated at night it creates a huge glow around the tail. The After Dark has a reduced LED, and we've painted over the tail to block out the large glow from the LED at night.

The difference is with the After Dark there is next to no glow around the tail, the light from the LED is contained within the tail of the lure. Since refining the After Dark LED we've had significantly more bites at night on the new LED, as this has the perfect vibrancy for night time. To get the most out of the After Dark select a Balista model that is suitable for your fishing scenario and then make sure you get yourself the After Dark colour in that model. At night time you will get significantly more bites on the After Dark, during daylight hours you'll get more bites from our lures featuring our standard LED, every lure in our range features our standard LED except for the After Dark.

after dark barramundiThe first night I started testing After Dark concept we were facing a tough bite at Peter Faust dam. I hadn't tied the After Dark prototype on earlier as the depth the fish were holding was a fair bit deeper than the diving capabilities of the Firestorm 120 Shallow, the only model that I had a prototype After Dark in. The other blokes in the boat were fishing an assortment of other lures and I was using the standard Balista LED, we hadn't boated one fish this evening. I decided even though we weren't in the right depth for the prototype Firestorm I'll tie it on anyway. Needless to say on the second cast the After Dark got smashed by a 117cm Barramundi, it wanted that lure right or wrong. Since that evening we've had loads of success on the After Dark. If you fish at night time I couldn't encourage you strongly enough to try an After Dark, we're highly confident you will clean up with it. We look forward to hearing about your experience on the After Dark.