glen tremor cod

Get My Drift by Glen Stewart

It’s been interesting watching the take up in fishing for bigger Cod in southern Impoundments over winter. Slowly but surely the word has leaked out in regard to the opportunity’s that present in places other than Copeton Dam in northern

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goulburn river cod1

Full guide to fishing the Goulburn River

The Goulburn river starts south of Eildon around a little town called Woods point, from here it travels 654 kilometres through Lake Eildon, Alexandra, Seymour, Nagambie, Murchison, Shepparton to the Murray river around Echuca. The upper reaches of the Goulburn

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darwin run off barra4

Darwin run off Barra fishing

With my first bub due later in the year I thought it was about time I pulled my finger out and came up to Darwin for a few days to try out the Balista’s. I’ve been doing a sales run

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river bass

River fishing for Bass

The attributes I love most about bass is their aggressive nature and brutal pulling power, especially for their size. On a recent trip to Port Macquarie I was fishing with a good mate James Newton, the plan was to walk

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merv hughes balista lures

Barra fishing with Merv Hughes

Twice a year I make the drive from Shepparton Victoria up to Cairns to do a sales run to our Queensland barra store. I’ve always got plenty of fishing tied in with the trip, this time I had organized a

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hinze bass fishing

Bass fishing in Hinze Dam

I have an old mate that is ex army who was from the Gold Coast many years ago, he has told many stories of finishing a day on the barracks and heading out to paddle around Hinze dam throwing surface

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