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Why LED technology works

When we first started experimenting with LED lights Barramundi were the first species we trialled it on. We tried a number of different coloured LED’s including red, green, blue, yellow amongst others. The way Barramundi were reacting to the flashing red LED was incredible, Barra would strike the red LED whilst the lure was sitting stationary, they didn't do this once with the same lure without an LED, or with another coloured LED. To find out exactly how the LED light technology works click here. Since refining the technology we’ve spent thousands of hours in the field creating lures specifically to catch Barramundi. Dirty water, dawn/dusk, overcast conditions and after dark is when you’ll notice the biggest spike in bites on the LED. To get the most out of the technology it is essential to match the hatch with a style of lure to mimic what the fish are feeding on that day.

Barra image1The first lure that I tie on when Saltwater Barra fishing is the Trigger, the 80mm size tends to represent the size of a lot of bait fish in estuary systems. The other thing I like about this lure is with upgraded hooks the buoyancy is almost suspending, you can crank it down and the lure will sit there flashing in the fishes face, many times leading that fish to strike. On a run out tide one option of targeting Barramundi is to target snags, the other added bonus about this style of fishing is you encounter ferocious Mangrove Jacks, the Trigger is a standout lure in this scenario.

If you’re fishing drains the larger Firestorm 120 Shallow is a better profile for this situation.
This lure is designed specifically for Barramundi ie its big and tough, if there is a chance that a bigger Barra is holding in an area this is the lure of choice. Its also a stand out trolling lure for Barra, the Firestorm has been outstanding in a number of systems including the Daly river, Shady camp, Darwin harbour as well as many Queensland coastal rivers.

Deep channels and rockbars often hold big Barra, one way to fish these areas is to cast big lipless crankbaits like the Juggernaut 90 allowing to sink then slow rolling or hopping across the bottom. The key to using hardbodied vibes like the Juggernaut's is to use them exactly the same way you use a soft vibe. Trolling lures like the Firestorm 120 Shallow and the Cyclone in these deeper areas is another great way of fishing this scenario.

For targeting deeper snags trolling the new Smoke series is ideal, the body profile and swimming action of the Smoke 80 was modeled off 3 common types of bait fish that Barramundi eat. It dives to 5 metres and works through structure brilliantly so you can work through snags with ease. The Smoke 65 is a better size for casting in smaller but fast flowing drains where you want the lure crash down into the strike, where are a lot of other lures won't be able to dive quick enough.

I look for the option of surface fishing wherever I can, whether that’s throwing surface over snags, drains or even throwing at bait getting busted up I always have a surface rod ready to go. The S-pop is a great size for estuary fishing at 80mm, its big enough to entice big Barramundi, many have been caught over the metre mark plus its also small enough for Jack’s, small to medium sized GT’s, Tarpon etc.

Barra image2Impoundment barra fishing is a whole different kettle of fish. Whether I’m trolling, casting timber or weedbeds the first lure I tie on is the Firestorm 120 Shallow, it is hands down the number one Barra lure in our range for fishing impoundment barra. Trolling for Barra there are three lures that I’ll use, and two in particular. The Smoke 80 dives to 5 metres and crashes through timber with ease, there is also the Cyclone that dives to 10 feet, and also the Firestorm 120 Shallow which dives to 4 feet and is another cracker lure on the troll. For casting drop offs the Juggernaut 90mm lipless crankbait is a cracker for timbercolby peter faust barra or anywhere that you want to get your lure a little deeper. Surface fishing for big impoundment Barra is epic, the S-pop looks a little on the small size at 80mm but boy oh boy does this lure draw strikes. Upon arriving at Peter Faust Dam for a trip I stumbled across somebody on the water fishing one of these S-pops. Everyone around the lake had been saying how tough the fishing had been the last couple of days, this fellow said he was doing it tough too until he tied on an S-pop the day before, he ended up catching 15 fish on it with only 3 under a metre.

Our Best Barramundi Lures

  • angle firestorm120
    Firestorm 120 Shallow
  • angle trigger FG
  • smoke80 angle
    Smoke 80
  • angle spop


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