Balista Tester Page

Balista Tester Page

There are always opportunities at Balista for anglers that want to take their fishing to the next level working with us to generate quality social media content. We work with you to make a plan to create content that gives you a worthwhile return for your time, all whilst having a ball enjoying your hobby.

There are so many different ways to create quality content both with a fish capture and just importantly without, both are just as important.
Here are ideas for how you can maximize the content that you’re gathering:
– When you catch a fish try to get a great picture of the angler, fish with lure highlighted. Extra opportunities are to get a unique close up of fish and lure, as well as a short 5-10s video of the fish
– Underwater footage/pictures showing the Balista lure in mouth flashing/vibrating
– Lifestyle pictures including holding the lure activating the LED and capturing that in a photo
– Lifestyle picture of lures rigged up on the rod ready for action
– Life style picture of a close up of the lure before casting it
– Checkout pictures at the bottom of the page for inspiration on different picture ideas

Brand code for Balista content
For a large majority of content that we will be using on social media in future it will be with pictures and videos that have neutrally branded clothing, for example if the picture showcases a fish with a different brand hat on that diminishes the value of the photo quite a lot. For anglers that have runs on the board with us we are more than happy to ensure you have a Balista cap and T shirt, if you don’t yet have any Balisa apparel have a chat with us.
Lure visible in the photo – a photo is so much more powerful from a marketing perspective when the lure responsible for catching the fish is visible in the picture. Ideally the lure is still in the mouth of the fish if not try and get creative in a safe way to get the lure into the fish photo.

What else can you do?
Get your fishing mates involved –
spreading the word is greatly appreciated, a great way that you can do that is by taking your mates out for a fish to have a go at your Balista’s, show them how to use them. It usually takes a bit of time for an angler to get confidence in a new brand once they’ve caught a couple of fish they’ll be hooked. There is no reason why they can’t get in on the rewards as well if they want to, there is no limited on rewards for quality content.
Get pictures of your mates with their Balista catches –
the more unique the content is the better, if you’ve gotten onto a few fish then it can it is great to mix up the content by getting your mates onto a Balista caught fish. If you wanted to go the extra mile you could get photos of your mates casting Balista’s highlighting the lure, getting your mate to hold a Balista in a way to showcase the LED etc.
Share your Balista content with the local tackle store –
our number one goal is to increase sales through retail shops that carry Balista’s. By sharing your Balista content with the local tackle store this can be of great assistance for the local store put into their fishing reports/social media which goes hand in hand with selling more lures. Whether the tackle store stocks Balista or not it is handy to see results either way.

How to take Quality Photos

Resolution – photo size must be a minimum of 2mb, preferably 5mb plus.
Get as close as possible
– when you’re taking a photo get as close to the angler holding with the fish as you can, so that you can see just the fish, the lure and the angler. You don’t want to be so far back that you can see the whole body of the angler.
Lure visibility – making sure the lure is visible is crucial, try and make the lure the focal point of the shot. Aim to get a number of different photos including just the fish and lure by itself, the angler holding the fish as well as any other creative shots you can think of.
Hide your fingers – when you have hold of the mouth of the fish swing either your hand or the lip grips behind it’s head, then with your supporting hand do your best to get as much of your fingers behind the fish as possible. You can ask the photographer to lift the fish where your grip is so that you can re-position your hand more behind the fish. If you’re holding the fish out a general rule of thumb is to not straigten your arms more than half way.
Correct lighting – to get the perfect amount of light on the angler and the fish point the nose of the fish at a 45 degree angle towards where the sun is coming from.
Keep horizon/bank straight – Photos look so much better when the waterway bank and/or horizon is straight in the background of the photo.
Ensure fish is clean – Always have the fish wet and clean, never have dirt, grass or leaves on fish
Can you capture the LED?
If you happen to capture the LED flashing this makes for one hell of a photo.

Tips for taking photos and videos from your phone
* Use portrait (vertical) when filming for reels and story on Instagram.
* Portrait setting on photos is great for lifestyle shots of lures or an artsy grab and grin.
* Always tap the screen on the area you want in focus before taking te photo. For example the lure or fishes head in a grab and grin when using the standard photo setting.

Have a look through a variety of different images below for inspiration: