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Balista is an Australian owned business at the forefront of electronic lure technology including our proven LED technology and now insane vibration technology. Every lure is designed and tested in Shepparton Victoria right in the heart of Murray Cod country. We are highly specialized in creating Murray Cod lures whether you’re targeting a big Murray Cod off the surface or you want a premium hard body to cast, we’ve got you covered. Whilst we have an extremely strong focus on Murray Cod we also have highly effective offerings for Golden Perch, Trout and Bass.

Murray Cod are getting harder and harder to fool which means you need every advantage that you can get, including matching the hatch down to a tee. Choose from a number of our identical representations of native species including fish and birds such as the Cockatoo, Gullah, Cormorant, Murray Cod, Red Fin and more.

You can save the hassle of having to change the hooks and split rings because all Balista lures comes with upgraded BKK hooks and split rings so that you can fish our lures straight from the packet.

Match the right Balista lure for the situation and you’ll discover how LED & vibration technology can generate strikes when nothing else is working, start out fishing your mates today.

Our strongest preference is that you buy locally from your local stockist that you can find on our Store Locator, if you don’t happen to have a store available nearby then you can purchase from our full range online.


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