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Balista® lures was founded in 2009 and after early findings from housing a flashing red LED in a lure the results stretched far beyond what we could have expected. After many years refining this technology we have found the most effective combination of flashing frequency and colour vibrancy to increase strike rates in all species of sports fish.

The way the technology works is that the red light attracts the attention of lurking predators, and the constant flashing frequency of the LED light triggers the fish to strike. An extremely important part of development is building a versatile core range, which is why we've spent thousands of hours designing, developing and testing lures that are highly effective even without an LED. When produced in conjunction with our patented LED technology our range is truly different from any other brand worldwide. As important as a tyre is to a car, using the most effective lures is equally as important to fishing. You can spend a small fortune on gear, from your boat to your rods and everything in between. When you're out on the water it makes sense to give yourself every opportunity to catch, our LED technology helps you do just that by attracting and trigger a feeding response from more fish.

james-65cm-trout-webNext time you're heading out fishing try out the unfair advantage for yourself, allow 3 full sessions with this technology especially in peak times for the LED such as overcast conditions, dawn & dusk, depth of 3+ metres and after dark. You'll discover how LED technology can turn a good days fishing into a highly memorable session of fish caught on our LED lures.

Match the right Balista lure for the situation and you'll discover how LED technology can generate strikes when nothing else is working, start out fishing your mates today.


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