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Balista lures was founded in 2009 with the intention of creating fishing lures that were more effective than any other lure on the market – which inspired the birth of our LED lure technology. We are an Australian owned lure manufacturer, our absolute focus is to produce lures that give you the very best chance of attracting strikes from the fish you are targeting.

Many thousands of hours have been spent on research, design and testing our lures. The result is highly effective lures - even without an LED - and a truly dynamic one with it.

The Balista brand originates from Shepparton, a country town in regional Victoria, Australia. And was founded by myself, James Dainton. Being in the heart of the freshwater scene our first point of call was building a Murray Cod lure. The very first lure that was built was the Dyno 75, very much a no nonsense Cod lure. It had all of the attributes that you would want from a james-65cm-trout-webCod lure including a wide swimming action, a versatile diving depth and size and topped off with our LED technology. This is where the testing begun both in the field and in the research labs of James Cook University, Cairns.

After discovering the true effectiveness of a flashing red LED we couldn’t stop with Murray Cod lures, we’ve expanded the range further to now include barramundi lures, trout lures and coming up shortly Tuna lures just to add to the list.

Give yourself the very best chance every time you go fishing, Balista and LED technology give you an unbeatable advantage.


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